Theo's Story...

Theo was born September 6th by emergency c section at 32 weeks. We were certainly surprised by his early arrival! We were in the midst of major home renovations that had planned to be completed before he was born . He was born at 3 pounds 15 ounces. Theo spend 32 days in Jefferson's NICU where our family could not have been more supported or cared for. We had amazing experience with our nurses who loved and cared for our Theo when we couldn't be there.

My husband and I visited Theo as much as possible, several times each day, sitting by him, reading him poems, holding him and admiring him...Finally the big day came! Taking Theo home was such a wonderful day and it never would have happened without all of the support of the NICU team. Theo has been home for 8 weeks now and he is up to 12 pounds! We are so proud of his journey, so happy he is home and healthy and glad that we can in some way support the families that go through this difficult time like we did!

                                                                                              The Westfall Family