Preemie Photo Shoots

The NICU babies got a special visit from Santa Claus this December thanks to The Superhero Project! Photographer, Kate Wright was there to capture the beautiful moments. To view a short photo video of the visit, please click HERE.
The Superhero Project received a generous donation of a session for one lucky mom this Mother's Day. ​​​​ Mom With A Lens photography graciously offered to capture a few moments for a family. The photographer, Jackie McNicholas, said this about her photo shoot with preemie, Colin, 26 weeks.
  1. Peaceful...
  2. Monitor alarm quickly getting moms attention.... "The NICU rollercoaster is a step process, many forward and backwards moments. Witnessing the determination of a premature baby, fight for life with each breath that they take, is life changing for their parents and those around them"
  3. "You never know how strong you can be, until the tiny fingers of your premature baby wrap around your own" -Julia T
  4. "Kangaroo Care for the parents of a premature baby gives them an undeniable acknowledgement in their hearts that a miracle has touched their family"
  5. "Some days you just need to breathe, believe, trust and step back to witness the incredible strength of your tiny miracle…."
  6. "Never underestimate the power of touch. A premature baby thrives with the comfort of knowing that their parents are close by their side"
  7. A Premature Baby Is…….. Determined Precious Strong Inspirational Miracle Fighter Hope Courageous
  8. What a beautiful family. Though we are missing a special member,their 3 yr old daughter. This photo speaks volumes. It was truly a pleasure to volunteer and photograph a moment of pure love. Colin born at 26 weeks gestation.
Other local photographers have also donated their time to snapping photos for NICU families! Here are two other sessions we were fortunate enough to receive from photographer Kara Mcpeak and EQ Shots.