Mia's Story

I had a very normal first pregnancy, everything was going well no complications until I woke up one morning when I was 33 weeks and my water broke.  I was completely caught off guard and had no warning signs.  I was completely panicked stricken and my husband and I went right to the hospital.  It was 6am when we arrived at Holy Redeemer.  I was brought right up to Labor & Delivery where they confirmed that my water had broken but I was not dilated yet.  Once I was brought into my room the plan was to try and keep me on bed rest for a week if possible so that the baby could develop.  I was given one dose of steroids to help with her lung development with the hopes of being able to get another dose 48 hours later.  However, Mia had other plans and at around midnight that night I was already 8cm dilated and it was time for her to come.  She was born at 2:45am on March 31, 2011, her due date was May 17th.
I was able to hold her briefly before she was brought by team of doctors and nurses to the NICU.  She was put on CPAP at first and was on that for a couple of days and then eventually on oxygen.  I’ll never forget going into the NICU for the first time and seeing my little 4lbs 6oz little girl hooked up to wires and having tubes coming out of her.  It was the most heartbreaking thing to see.  She had a rough couple of days her first days but the team of doctors and nurses were wonderful with my husband and I.  I think it was in such a state of shock I wasn’t sure what was going on.  When she was just about a week old she was completely off her oxygen.  Her biggest problem being a 33 weeker was not being able to eat.  I was always assured she was doing the normal preemie course with her development, but I always left feeling like she was never going to come home.  I would make trips twice a day to see her once in the morning by myself and once a night after my husband got home from work.  We would try to be there for her feedings  and would hold our breath each time she took her bottle and the number of cc’s she would intake.  We wanted so bad for her to take her whole bottle – I’ll never forget one of the nurses telling us her trying to take a full bottle – I think it was only 2oz was like us trying to run a marathon!   When she was 3 weeks old we knew it was getting close to her coming home but didn’t want to get our hopes up just yet on a date.  When we walked into see her theThursday before Easter she had no feeding tube!  We were so excited!  We were told most likely she would come home on EasterMonday.  I’ll never forget going in Saturday morning with my mom – my husband was home getting all of her stuff together – and the doctor told us she was ready to come home that day.  We were so shocked and couldn’t believe that day was there.  She still had to pass her car seat test so they told us to come back that night and she would be ready.  It was the best yet most scary feeling bringing home our little 5lb 6oz baby!  

Nothing can prepare you for being a mom to a preemie and your best support is from other moms who have been there.  Having the support of your family, friends and most of all a wonderful hospital with doctors and nurses is what helps you through it!

Mia is now a happy healthy 5 year old.  She has reached all of her milestones and is on par with her growth and development.  We consider ourselves truly blessed at how far she has come.

-Katie Michaleski,
Superhero Momma