Madilyn's Story...

Mom was put on bed rest at 22 weeks to keep little Madilyn in there longer to develop. So, Daddy and big Sister Angelice were having a tough time with it, but they took very good care of Mommy and Madi.

Well, there was no more waiting...on December 26th at 28 weeks, Madilyn Grace made her debut, born by emergency c-section weighing 2lb 11.6oz. We were all so terrified and sad, but the women of the Holy Redeemer NICU helped ease our minds and were just all around amazing to Madi and our family. Madilyn spent 80 days in the NICU and through all of her obstacles while there she was able to come home machine free.

She's doing very good now and we owe it all to them! We're ever so grateful for the NICU and how well they cared for her, as well as every other baby. We love you ladies with all of our hearts!

Love always, the Cooks