About Us

The Superhero Project Inc., a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, began in early 2015; six months after my twin boys were discharged from the Holy Redeemer CHOP Care NICU. Born at 32 weeks, it was a daily struggle to juggle an already busy family of four while making trips 2x a day back and forth to the NICU. We decided to make baskets for the families at the holidays, complete with personalized crocheted hats and other items that are necessary when wading the waters of the NICU (sanitizer, tissues, protein bars, etc). This effort was rewarded with an overwhelming response from family and friends who were eager to help and donate.
Although it was amazing to watch how thankful the families were, we knew there was more work to do when making that vital connection between home, family and hospital in terms of the NICUs ability to allow families to have as personal of a experience as possible with their newborn babies.
After doing a lot of personal research, we met with the hospital and explained that there is technology available that places cameras into the isolates and allows parents and families to see the baby even when they are unable to be at their bedside. We knew that this would not have only changed our lives as NICU parents but had the capability to change the experience of hundreds of other babies born into the NICU at this hospital each year.

In March of 2016, thanks to many amazing donations to The Superhero Project, Angel Eye Cameras were installed in the Holy Redeemer NICU. The Superhero Project strives to continue to aid and encourage families in the NICU and to provide assistance and resources to many hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area.​

-Kelly Gallagher
Founder, The Superhero Project