...Because those born small are almost destined to do BIG things!
Welcome to The Superhero Project! ​​

Welcome to The Superhero Project! ​​​
​We raise money to help families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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​November  Superheroes

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Recent posts and stories regarding NICU survival stories & so much more!

PJs with a Smile

The PJs with a Smile campaign seeks to provide NICU mothers with a brand new set of pjs, a letter of encouragement from a former NICU mom and a fresh flower on their day of discharge. Our hope in creating this campaign is to encourage new mothers to get the necessary rest needed in the post partum phase, feel motivated and encouraged with the support of a handwritten letter and use the flower as a reminder of the beautiful life they just brought into the world.

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Kelly Gallagher, founder of
The Superhero Project, nominated for finalist:
2017 KYW Women's Achievement Award- Rising Star Edition!
Read her bio here.

This year KYW was honoring women under 40 who were making a difference in their community. 

Check out Kelly's podcast with  WOGL on air personality Marilyn Russell, host of the award winning broadcast, Remarkable Women


$30,000 Donation to CHOP!

June 19, 2018

I am so proud to announce the next HUGE donation from The Superhero Project. A $30,000 one :)

After presenting in Chicago with CHOPs director of telemedicine last fall, we spoke about the need for families of NICU babies to have support in those first days and weeks after they are discharged. Bringing a fragile baby home after weeks of tubes and monitors is frightening. Often, you are sent to your pediatrician who is not an expert in many of the conditions that premature babies have.

This $30,000 donation over the next three years will allow families the opportunity to connect with their pediatrician and their former NiCU staff to ensure the continuity of care and best practices are on the forefront. This virtual opportunity will bridge the gap between clinicians and families. I am so excited to have this partnership with CHOP, who also recently completed the installation of all 100 cameras to their NICU.
Sending a huge thank you to all of you who continue to donate and support families with NICU babies. I am overwhelmed with ❤️ and gratitude.
Making a difference, one dollar at a time.

 - Kelly

Want to help get these cameras to the NICU where you had your baby?

Contact Us on how to start a fundraising campaign for YOUR hospital through The Superhero Project and get these cameras where they are needed the most!

We ❤️ Stampone Law!
Big supporters of our organization and Joe Stampone is a board member! Check them out in this months Philadelphia Magazine!